Explore the Rich Marine Life of Schinaria Beach, Crete

Explore the Rich Marine Life of Schinaria Beach, Crete

Schinaria Beach (also known as Shinaria) is located 33km south of Rethymno and just 3km south of the village of Lefkogia, in the eastern part of the wider Plakias area. This small beach features soft gray-beige sand and fine pebbles, with crystal blue deep water. While the seabed is rocky, the northern part of the beach is sandy, making it perfect for a relaxing swim.

A Haven for Marine Life

Life thrives both in and out of the sea at Schinaria Beach. Freshwater ponds, fed by springs from the Kouroupa mountain, dot the beach, surrounded by lush vegetation that evokes tropical landscapes. The seabed of Schinaria is among the richest in Crete, hosting a variety of marine life, including morays, blackfish, and octopus. The water clarity is impressive, often exceeding 40 meters horizontally, making it a favorite spot for scuba diving centers across Crete.

Amenities and Access

Although slightly organized, Schinaria Beach offers a quaint tavern with a few umbrellas and refreshments. When we last visited, umbrellas and sunbeds were free with the purchase of refreshments. The beach is accessible via a narrow road starting from Lefkogia, leading you to this hidden paradise after a 2km drive. Along the way, don’t miss the fascinating cylindric cave on your left, embedded within the rock.

Plan Your Visit to Schinaria Beach

Schinaria Beach provides a serene escape with its unique blend of natural beauty and rich marine life. Whether you’re a scuba diving enthusiast or simply seeking a peaceful beach day, Schinaria offers an unforgettable experience.See Schinaria Beach on the map.

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