Discover Souda Beach: The Ultimate Relaxation and Adventure Spot

Discover Souda Beach: The Ultimate Relaxation and Adventure Spot

Discover Souda Beach: A Natural Oasis in Southwest Crete

Souda Beach is located 41km southwest of Rethymno city and just 3km east of the resort of Plakias. It marks the end of the Plakias beachfront, known as Yialia, which begins at Shinaria Beach. Souda lies at the exit of a lush green valley, where the Finikas River flows year-round. Additionally, this area hosts colonies of native Cretan palm trees of Theophrastus, making it a significant reserve for this species.

A Beach with Unique Natural Beauty

This magnificent landscape features a beautiful sandy beach that visitors cherish. However, the strong north winds can sometimes blow sand around, creating a sandblasting effect. Despite this, visitors continue to love Souda Beach. In the 1990s, a narrow dirt track provided access to this secluded paradise, which was frequented by only a few nudists. Now, a paved road and organized facilities make it more accessible.

Modern Amenities and Activities

Souda Beach is well-organized, offering umbrellas, showers, and several nearby taverns and rooms for rent. The rocky sides make the beach ideal for fishing and snorkeling. Moreover, benches along the main road on the eastern side provide stunning views of the South Cretan Sea.

Plan Your Visit to Souda Beach

Whether you seek a relaxing day by the sea or an adventure exploring the underwater world, Souda Beach has something to offer. Therefore, plan your visit accordingly. See Souda Beach on the map.

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